Anna Conciatore

“La forma della donna” is a manifesto. It want to show the disconfort of every woman, who in some way, is unable to make pace with her forms. The manifesto want to shout to the world that your body is perfect! And it must not respect any type of rule!

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I paint because I cannot live without.
I realised it late. I never thought that painting was such a big part of me.
I studied art and after restoration of wall paintings in Lugano, but approached art always in an academic way.
After not being involved in the art world for many years, I finally realised I needed to go back, but in a different way. With no
judgment and no particular reason to paint. I needed to do it just to be who I am. That’s it.
Every painting is a new discovery of the deepest part in me and of what I fear the most. Every color I throw on canvas is facing
the real and raw me and this is often scary but always empowering.
Painting helps me to accept myself in a completely and to create my magic world.