Care Label

For a long-lasting product life cycle, we kindly advise washing this cloth at a maximum of 40° celsius. You would consume less energy and save some money.

For long-lasting product life cycle and to reduce microfibers pollutions do not tumble dry. Dry your cloths naturally and save the world.

Do not bleach! Bleaching is very aggressive and deteriorates quickly the fabric.

It's better not to iron your clothes, but if you really need, then iron them at a shallow temperature.

All our products are designed and developed in Switzerland. Our fabrics are made in South India and then are shipped by cargo to Portugal. Where the first part of production starts. To conclude, the small tailoring and the final customization is made in Switzerland.

Most of our products are made of 100% recycled cotton and plastic fibres from textile industrial waste and post-consumer products wastage.

Our fabrics were made with a zero impact framework, which doesn't use chemical processing and has a minimum carbon footprint. We plant trees to balance to neutral the carbon emission.

From the fabric production plant to the last mile customization facility, we work closely with our partners to ensure a decent work environment and correct wages on every step. Where we can we improve employees life building more capacities to their working experience.

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