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We want sustainable lifestyle to be possibile.

Ficufish® is a research and development start-up founded in 2019 as a result of the research that, Kabil Nageswarakurukkal, one of the co-founders started back in 2017. The company wants to provide goods and services to it’s customers that give them real options to have an eco-sustainable life experience while making a worldly impact.

Our company is comprised of professionals coming from various backgrounds such as mechanical engineering, process engineering, the optical industry, industrial design, marketing, the educational sector as well as strategic analysis and development.

It’s time to stop producing and start recycling

Since the beginning of 1950, the global production of virgin plastic has grown drastically. From 15M tonnes per year to 350M per year in 2018. Global production forecast predicts a continuous growth in the next decade reaching 500M tonnes per year in 2030.

Even if recycling is considerably more valuable if reconverted into new raw materials after the first use, most European countries use plastic waste for energy recovery.

We want to transform waste in high-value material

Nowadays, a yearly estimated value of 120 billion dollars is lost because of missed opportunities to convert the plastic waste into new raw materials.

In an efficient circle economy, these missed opportunities could be converted into a precious source of revenue.

Action is better than anything else!

We are working hard to find practical solutions to produce new products from recycled plastic and other recyclable materials. For this reason, our development team conducts research in different sectors.

Our five development sectors look to the most sustainable solutions to give a better world to the generation still to come. As in every revolution, action is better than anything else. Now is your turn to act!