Eco-clothing, a brand new t-shirt made of 100% recycled materials!

We are a fresh start-up founded in 2019 focusing on research and development, based in Switzerland. In 2017, as result of our first study on the new plastic circle economy, we have decided to work hard to find realistic solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Comfy, cool and unisex

The concept of the t-shirt is to be versatile in every day life. From millennials to baby boomers, its a t-shirt for everyone. It is comfortable to wear and comes in unisex sizes so both ladies and gents can wear it and then forget to be in it. Our fabric is stretchy and breathable so customers can even wear it while they workout.

Non-chemical process

Recycled cotton fiber

Not only did we want sustainable materials, but also for the production process to be as eco-friendly as possible. In fact, in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, we opted for non-chemical fabric processing.

Fair and responsible

What being sustainable means to us is being responsible for the lives of the people that are working for us. We are only dealing with certified companies that treat their workers with dignity, proper wages and working hours. We are in partnership with a small textile production company based in the South Indian city of Tiruppur.

Carbon neutral

Recycling is not enough, our goal is to produce carbon neutral. This means to reduce the CO2 emissions footprint as much as possible by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal activities such as planting trees. For every 50 t-shirts sold, we plant a tree around the world. Currently it’s happening in Tiruppur, India.