September 22, we celebrate the World Car Free Day. Purpose of the Day is to limit the number of cars in the streets, thus reducing traffic and air pollution. People are challenged to leave the cars in the garages and consider the various alternatives. Electric cars are one.

Since they bring numerous benefits, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity. Today, more or less every car brand has launched at least one electric car. Let’s see why.

  1. Better for the environment: this kind of vehicles don’t create emissions, thus reducing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Having an electric car helps keep air cleaner and the planet healthier.
  2. Cheaper to charge: charging an electric vehicles costs less than gasoline. Electric cars are also easy to charge.
  3. Less maintenance: electric cars don’t have oil, so there is no need to check and change it periodically. Electric vehicles don’t require the maintenance usually associated with a gas engine.
  4. More silent: electric cars tend to make less noise than traditional cars. Electric engines are nearly silent in nature.