International day without plastic bags

Light, small, thin. Apparently harmless, plastic bags have been part of our daily life since a very long time. They are everywhere: in the house, in the sand, in the water. We use them for few minutes per time (12 mins on average) but they remain on Earth for centuries.

Plastic bags can cause serious damages to the environment: cetaceans, turtles or seabirds can easily die from ingesting too much plastic.

Trying to eradicate this habit, on 12. September, we celebrated the International Day Without Plastic Bags. The Day was proclaimed in 2009 by MCS (the Marine Conservation Society, a British NGO dedicated to the conservation of the marine ecosystem) with the purpose to raise public awareness to the problem: plastic suffocates the seas, compromising biodiversity.

Everybody is warmly invited not to accept or use plastic bags and to use reusable bags to transport the purchases.