Are you ready to spark your creativity?

We are living in a very particular period of human history. Our future is in danger, we need to act! Why not then act creatively! Ficufish is giving this platform to express with an illustration our present: the now! We want people to think what they can do in their daily life routines to save our home: the earth.

You are living in Switzerland.

You have to be at least 18 years.

Illustrations have to be drawn by you and never published.

Let's start with one illustration per person.

Prepare your file

Your illustration has to be a vector file with all the fonts and forms as outlines. File type: PDF / Maximum file size: 10MB

a picture of you

We need a picture of you aswell. Send us the best one you have!
File type: JPG / Maximum file size: 10MB

rename your files

Rename your files as the following example:

Privacy statement

All your data would be stored in a swiss data center and deleted as soon this competition will end. You and your data are protected under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

your email address

Enter your fullname and your e-mail address and you will be redirected to the official competition submission form.