Newsletter Glue: Let’s get you started

👋 Hey there

This is a hands-on demo post to familiarise yourself with Newsletter Glue.

Edit this post directly and play around.🤸‍♂️

Let’s start!

Scroll down till you see this👇 . Then, try sending this post as a test email.

Go ahead, try it now!

Then come back and create a reusable newsletter footer.

👀 Need help? Read the step-by-step guide

Create a reusable newsletter footer.

See this Before you go section👇?

We’re going to turn it into a reusable newsletter footer.

Scroll down for instructions.

Before you go

Here are a few things you can do if you enjoyed reading this newsletter:

💌 Become a subscriber: [link to your sign up page]

🗄 Explore past issues: [link to your newsletter archive]

👉 Forward this newsletter to friends who might enjoy it

🌈 Get in touch/Share cool Internet stuff: [link to your email]

➕ Follow me on Twitter: [link to your twitter profile]

Steps to make a reusable footer

1. Fill in your details directly into the section above☝️

2. Add to reusable blocks

3. Use it!

Add your new footer to the bottom of this post.

Check it out by sending yourself another test email.

Or, if you’re ready, hit Publish…

You should see this in the Newsletter Glue section…

The end!

Cheer Applause GIF by Peanuts

If you’d like to keep playing around, try sending one of your older posts as a newsletter.

Have fun!