Ficufish® Bib


100% Recycled materials

This product is made of 100% recycled cotton and plastic fibres from textile industrial waste and post-consumer products wastage.

500l of saved water

Because we use recycled fibres, we don't have to grow virgin cotton. We are then able to save 500 litre of drinkable water on every product.

Printed with harmless water-based ink

The patterns on the Bib are printed with harmless water-based inks in Switzerland

non-chemical and carbon neutral

This cloth was made with a zero impact framework, which doesn't use chemical processing and has a minimum carbon footprint. We plant trees to balance to neutral the carbon emission.

Washable at 40° celsius

For a long-lasting product life cycle, we kindly advise washing this cloth at a maximum of 40° celsius. You would consume less energy and save some money.

This product is assembled and customized in Switzerland.

This product was designed by Sajimira Kagendra, ficufish's product developer.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

Floating into space, Over the clouds, Sailing the ocean