Progetto Cuore

Reusable hygiene mask

Our reusable hygiene masks only protect others from yourself. This means that the mask holds back what is emitted by a sneeze or cough, similar to a tissue.

We strongly advise our clients to wash the mask every day after the use in boiling water (at minimum of 90° celsius) in order to ensure good sanitation!

Ficufish has in its core a very profound value for social sustainability. Now more then ever being supportive to the community is essential.

We want to help young artisans in their struggles to survive to the Covid-19 lockdown.

As many small startup companies, ficufish is facing big challenges to survive the economical crisis related to Covid-19 lockdown. Our small production activities in Switzerland are strictly connected to young artisans of different sectors living in Ticino. Their struggles to survive has driven us to think some alternatives activities that our partner artisans can practice staying at home by respecting the lockdown regulations.

We want to be supportive to the community by helping the poorest families in Switzerland.

Our projects and actions are always been related in helping someone. For this project we have decided to contribute to Magic Table, which is charitable organization that retrieves the food that supermarkets discard and distributes it to families in need throughout Switzerland.

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