Nowadays, on average, every person in the world is responsible for 15kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 130g of plastic pollution every day!

Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser

Product Development

In order to drive society to a sustainable lifestyle, it is essential to provide recyclable products made from sustainable manufacturing processes.

Ficufish® is working on finding new composite materials made of recyclable waste. But this is not enough, we are developing hi-tech solutions to produce these materials with the lowest impact to the environment.

With the new material we design and produce, we create new products or simply adapt existing ones.

Product manufacturing processes need to be carefully planned to reduce the impact as much as possible.

Moving materials and products around the world is among the biggest causes of carbon dioxide emissions. Our professionals develop optimized logistical supply chains to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Then, carbon-reducing solutions such as planting trees take place to balance the footprint.

Zero Impact Framework

It has become more vital than ever to be eco-friendly, if we won’t, the environment becomes unfriendly to us.

Ficufish® Zero Impact Framework™ is the tool to help families and businesses to change their habits in a very practical way to reduce their environmental impact.

We would help you to reduce the amount of products that hold you accountable for carbon dioxide emissions or other types of pollution.

Together, we would find the customized, practical and sustainable solutions to make you a Zero Impact family or business.

Finally, once we test all our products and processes we are ready to commercialize them directly to our customers or in partnership with other business.