Innovating (in) Circular Economy

We believe the circular economy is the model to solve our over-consumption and production crisis with all their consequences.
In FICUFISH we develop innovative systems and services to enhance the circular economy and to facilitate change.

Materials Loops

We develop systems and processes to upcycle and recycle waste into new materials considering multi sectors uses, optimizing power consumption and carbon footprint.

Cognitive AI

We give augmented cognitive AI capacities to our systems to perform and adapt dynamically to empower human work experience with quality and more efficiency.

Zero Impact

Our zero impact framework consists of designing on-demand production flows with a minimum distance between businesses and customers to reduce waste and logistic carbon footprint.

our b2b solutions

Circular solutions for impactful businesses.

Rellax is a display stand for merchandising products. Each product is designed specifically venue by venue. The products and the designs come free of charge for the owners, that instead earn a percentage for every item sold.


Remailer is a soft product shipping mailer designed to fit swiss shipping standards and produced from upcycled materials. The perfect circular solution for e-commerce businesses that want sustainable packaging.

We are developing innovation with circularity at the core.

technologies that haven't sustainability in their DNA are useless in our future


A revolutionary way to collect, process and stock a larger volume of plastics within a small size structure. We can reduce vast quantities of carbon emissions due to waste logistics.


An innovative way to produce new wearable fabric from recycled fibres without spending time and energy on yarn.


Recycled Materials Value Blockchain. By giving value to waste, it’s starting to become more attractive. Then it is easier to bring some behaviour change.

Kabil Nages

Co-founder & Strategic Development

Every big evolution starts from a single spark of revolution inside us.

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